Welcome to Lombard

     Welcome to one of my very favorite places, Lombard, the Lilac Village I have worked in Lombard and been a resident of Lombard for many years. Among Lombard's best features are it's great schools, convenient shopping, restaurants, churches and recreation.  You should definately check out their new pool on the corner of St. Charles and Grace.  It has so many big slides and pools!  I can tell you that the kids are definately loving this new pool!
If you like to shop you should get over to Yorktown Mall.  It's been expanding in the last couple years with new restaurants and stores.  There are many great places to eat and one of my very favorite stores on earth - Von Maur! You have to check it out and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!

Lombard has great schools!  There are two high schools, Willowbrook High School for the eastern half of town and Glenbard East High School for the western half of town.  Both schools have great ACT scores and as a smart Realestate Professional I stay out of the battle over which school is better!  Both schools have great staffs and even better students, so I would be happy to send my kids to either school.  The grade schools are either District 45 or District 44, depending on which side of town you live in.  Go to my website's School information and learn more about them. 
     Lombard is known for it's many parks.  Come and see Lilacia Park in the spring, you have never seen so many lilacs in your life! Every year they give residents a free lilac, so you will see lilacs in almost every yard in 
Lilacia Park
Lombard.  They also have an amazing variety of tulips in this park.
The Lombard Lagoon is the perfect place for a picnic on summer days!  

Lombard Historical Museum

Come and see this restored civil war home.  If you love history, you don't have to go far to experience this right in our back yard!
If you live in Lombard you will have to come and experience the Lilac Parade in May.  It's a huge event that take over half the town!  It's a fun parade you won't want to miss.
One last note, on the fourth of July, Lombard has the best fireworks around!  They are held at Madison Meadows Park and you won't want to miss them - I know I have been there every year since I was a little girl.
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