A Catholic Girl's Explanation of St. Joseph Statue

What's the Deal With St. Joseph?
Some of you are probably wondering "what's the deal with St. Joseph Statues"? Now days you can find them packaged up at the Home Depot and Ace Hardware as if they are an essential part of getting your house sold! Growing up Catholic, we had Patron Saints for many of the causes that we might be praying for. These included, lost items, illness, vacations, marriage. You name it, there was a saint out there who would help you accomplish your goals if you prayed for his or her aid. St. Joseph is the patron saint of families and homes. The tradition of burying a statue of St. Joseph and praying to him to intercede with Jesus to help in selling a home started in Europe. As the tradition goes, the statue is to buried face down (prostrate) facing the house, condo, etc., to be sold or rented. After the prayer has been answered, the St. Joseph statue is then dug up and put in a very prominent place in the new home. I have heard stories about someone who faced St. Joseph the wrong way and the neighbor's house sold instead of their own house! I was also told by a salesperson at a Christmas store that they often had the Joseph statues stolen from the nativities. Frankly I think that anyone who STEALS a St. Joseph statue should have their efforts nullified by the bad karma! Every Realtor you talk to will tell you that they have heard stories about this practice being truly effective, but it doesn't hurt if a a Seller first completes all the necessary fix-up, cleaning, adjusting the price...then...just watch St. Joseph make it happen!